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Pearl® and Pearl® Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

We are currently at the forefront of another wave of fractional resurfacing technology.  The latest devices can deliver energy in either a superficial or a deep fashion for the treatment of mild wrinkling, acne scarring, and skin discoloration.  Deeper delivery of laser energy leads to greater skin tightening, smoothing of deeper wrinkles and greater improvement in the appearance of acne scars than had been possible even after multIPLe treatments with earlier devices.  These new fractional resurfacing techniques, although relatively aggressive, may be safely performed on the face, neck, chest and even the hands.  Typically only 1-2 treatment sessions are required to achieve optimal results for most conditions.  Treatment with these newer devices is generally associated with a longer recovery period- typically 5-7 days.  During this time, you really won’t want to go out so plan accordingly.  The Pearl and Pearl Fractional lasers are examples of this new category of devices known as fractional ablative lasers. 

Dr. Biesman worked closely with Cutera, the manufacturer of a 2nd generation fractional resurfacing laser known as the Pearl Fractional, to develop guidelines for the safe and effective use of this device. Over a period of several months he treated patients, modified the software controlling the device to better meet our needs, and tested a variety of techniques and settings before arriving at an ideal protocol. Today skin resurfacing with the combination of the Pearl and Pearl Fractional lasers has become a standard and well accepted treatment around the world.

Pearl and Pearl Fractional resurfacing treatments are typically performed in the office using topical anesthesia (numbing cream) for comfort. When the entire face or other large area is treated many patients choose to take valium type medications and pain medication about 1 hour prior to treatment. When such medications are taken, arrangements should be made for transportation to and from the office. Please let us know if you require assistance arranging a ride.

Results from Pearl and Pearl Fractional resurfacing have been excellent for the improvement of brown discoloration, mild to moderate wrinkles, laxity of the eyelids, reduction of “smokers lines” on the upper lip, treatment of acne and surgical scars, and tightening of the skin along the jawline. When performed by a skilled clinician, the risks associated with Pearl and Pearl Fractional skin resurfacing are low.

Second generation Laser skin resurfacing is an ideal procedure for those individuals who have moderate to severe facial sun damage and/or aging changes who are interested in achieving significant improvement in a single treatment session. Please call our office at 615-329-1110 for more information about skin resurfacing with the Pearl Fractional or other second generation fractional resurfacing lasers.

Cutera’s Pearl Fractional Laser Answers Need for More Youthful Eyes


BRISBANE, Calif. May 27, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — Cutera, Inc. (Nasdaq: CUTR), a leading provider of laser and other light-based aesthetic systems worldwide, is driving category innovation with the Pearl Fractional eye treatment. This advanced laser procedure answers growing consumer demand for an aggressive yet affordable solution to what many doctors believe is the top facial aging concern: eyes.

“Pearl Fractional is a unique and outstanding treatment option for the delicate periorbital area, which often shows the first signs of aging and can be the most challenging to treat,” said Brian Biesman, M.D., medical director of the Nashville Centre for Laser and Facial Surgery, Nashville, TN, and immediate past president of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. “The treatment works so well because it delivers very nice skin tightening plus it addresses skin quality – improving tone, texture and discoloration for an overall more youthful appearance.”

Physicians traditionally treat photo-damaged skin around the eyes with spot laser treatments and dermal fillers. The new approach, pioneered by Dr. Biesman, not only uses Pearl Fractional around the eyes, but directly over the eyelids and under the eyes too.

Dr. Biesman notes that the procedure is especially popular with patients who are approaching a milestone. “A lot of my patients come to me on the 4s and the 9s – 34, 39, 44, 49,” he said. “My patients are very pleased that they see immediate, noticeable improvement in a single treatment, with very little recovery time.”

Pearl Fractional, utilizing a specialized patented 2790 nm wavelength, received FDA clearance in 2008 and offers physicians a new and beneficial approach to resurfacing the skin. As with all aesthetic procedures, patients should consult a physician experienced in aesthetic laser procedures to ensure that their treatment is safe and effective.