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Current Research

The Practice of Brian S. Biesman, M.D. continues to be actively involved in developing and testing new lasers, medications and technology-based treatments to help you look your best safely and effectively.

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Our recent and upcoming projects include:

  • Use of a Botulinum Toxin to resculpt enlarged masseter (jawline) muscles
  • Utilization of a filler product to correct hollowing of the temples
  • Correction of cellulite in the thighs utilizing an injectable drug
  • Drug injection used to correct or reduce submental fullness in the neck
  • Use of reformulated Botulinum Toxin for correction of lateral canthus (crows feet) and glabella
  • Deep wrinkles on the cheeks due to age and/or sun damage
  • Chemical Peel for the treatment of mild to moderate wrinkling and skin discoloration
  • Vertical neck lines extending downward from the jawline (not horizontal “necklace lines”)
  • Nonsurgical correction of laxity of the jawline, neck and wrinkling of the decollete (chest)
  • Under eye Hollowing/Dark circles (Tear Trough)