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Treatment options for facial rejuvenation using nonsurgical techniques, such as injections, continue to gain popularity as a means of maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance with no downtime. Combining science and artistry enables the experienced injector to afford the face and other areas of the body a more youthful appearance by decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, correcting age-related volume loss, and reducing unwanted fat under the chin by utilizing the appropriate injectable products.


Injectable products address a variety of goals in nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Certain injectable fillers are chosen for their ability to rejuvenate the face by replacing lost volume to specific facial structures thus reestablishing youthful contours and balance. Other fillers enhance areas of the face such as plumping thin lips, correcting tear trough deformities, or adding volume to the apples of the cheeks. Carefully injected dermal fillers can also improve the look of deeper, etched lines in the face, reshape the nose, strengthen the jawline, contour the chin, and even improve the appearance of some scars.

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Injections of botulinum toxin products relax muscles, reducing unwanted wrinkles throughout the face and neck as well as preventing the development of wrinkles or lines that otherwise would have appeared with the passage of time. Softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles leads to a smooth, rested look. An expert injector can also utilize botulinum toxin injections to address changes in facial shape by lifting low brows, turning up the corners of the mouth, narrowing the appearance of full cheeks due to overactive jaw muscles (masseters) and turn up the tip of the nose to improve facial balance.

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Fat Reduction

Kybella, the only injectable option FDA approved for non-invasive fat reduction, involves a series of injections that diminish fat under the chin and improve the patient’s profile while decreasing the appearance of (and in some cases eliminating ) a “double chin.” These injections have little downtime and allow Dr. Biesman to resculpt the chin area without surgery.

Your customized treatment plan will include a variety of injectable products working synergistically to help you achieve optimal results. Dr. Biesman and Molly Katz, RN, through their exquisite senses of aesthetics and superior injection skills, will recommend an individual injection plan tailored to your specific goals.

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