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Transformation Stories From Our Patients

While Dr. Biesman takes great pride in all his patients, our practice also values the privacy of everyone who walks through our doors. For this reason (along with HIPAA policies) we don’t share a lot of the incredible transformation stories that Dr. Biesman helps his patients achieve every day. Enter our roster of incredible influencers.

We’ve had the pleasure of treating some of Nashville’s most influential faces throughout the years. Recently, several of them have been sharing these experiences with their online audiences. While this doesn’t cover all the patients we’ve had the pleasure of treating, since these testimonials have already been publicly shared, we thought we’d round up some of their experiences to answer some common questions about the procedures we perform every day.

Furthermore, we want to highlight their stories beyond just the four walls of our practice. Dr. Biesman has built valuable relationships with his patients and strives to champion them in whatever way he can. We believe these individuals are worthy of being celebrated for their success and achievements. It’s our hope that if you’re not already following what they’re up to, you will be by the end of this post!

Under Eye Fillers With Megan Mace (@Meganmace)

Patient of Dr. Brian Biesman showing under eye filler treatment results in Nashville

About Megan

Megan Mace makes up half of the American country/pop girl duo, Megan & Liz. She and her fraternal twin sister, Liz, are both songwriters, and together they have more than 1 million YouTube subscribers and more than 238 million video views on their YouTube channel. We love following along not only with their music, but their lives through the lens of their blog and videos.

Her Procedure

Megan felt that she was hollow under her eyes and wanted to find a way to minimize her dark circles for a more youthful appearance. Dr. Biesman corrected this using injectable filler to first add volume to her cheeks, and then to fill in the under-eye area in order to have a nice, smooth transition from one area to the next. The result? “The under-eye fillers Dr. Biesman performed were SO PERFECT; I’M SO HAPPY! It’s the weirdest thing to have your biggest self-confidence issue be gone. Life changer.”

To learn more about injectable fillers, view our injectable fillers page for more information or schedule a consultation to visit our office.

Coolsculpting with Mallory Ervin (@malloryervin)

Patient of Dr. Brian Biesman receiving CoolSculpting treatment in Nashville

About Mallory

Mallory is a successful lifestyle and beauty blogger, as well as a former competitor in both the Miss America pageant and The Amazing Race. Additionally, she’s become a friend and patient of Dr. Biesman. Mallory chronicles her everyday life and inspires her readers through a variety of lenses and her zest for life is simply contagious!

Her Procedure

Even after following a disciplined food and fitness regimen, Mallory wanted to lose those last pockets of stubborn fat. She came to us to try CoolSculpting: a noninvasive body contouring system designed to reduce fat layer thickness in a safe, effective way with no anesthesia, sedation or injections. Her results were truly incredible; or, as she put it: “Is this real life!? I’ve truly never been happier about a treatment, and I can’t get over how effective it was at removing that last bit of stubborn fat.”

CoolSculpting before and after of abdomen for actual Nashville patient

Dr. Brian Biesman and his CoolSculpting patients in Nashville

Additional Procedure with Brooke Webb (@kbstyled)

We also recently did CoolSculpting on Brooke Webb, the founder of KBStyled. As a mom of two, Brooke told us she never seemed to be able to get rid of some stubborn belly fat even though she followed a healthy eating and exercise plan. She recently visited our office for a consultation with Tammy to confirm she was a great candidate for CoolSculpting. We treated her lower abdomen, flanks, love handles and inner thighs. Brooke will begin to see results in as little as six weeks, with full results showing around 12 weeks, but her thoughts so far? “My overall first experience with CoolSculpting at Dr. Biesman’s office was amazing, and I am beyond thrilled that I made the decision to move forward with it. I recommend this treatment to anyone who is looking to sculpt their problem areas in order to enhance their figure. I’ve been very pleased with my personal results up to this point!” We are looking forward to sharing more about Brooke’s CoolSculpting transformation in the coming weeks!

To learn more about CoolSculpting, view our CoolSculpting page for more information or schedule a consultation.

Botox with Melissa Schleicher (@melissaschleicher)

Picture of a patient of Dr. Brian Biesman's, for Botox, Nashville.

About Melissa

Melissa Schleicher is the owner of one of Nashville’s most prestigious salons, Parlour 3. She is also one of Nashville’s most sought-after hair and makeup artists with a clientele including the likes of Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Lee Ann Womack, Olivia Newton John, Lisa Marie Presley and more. We love following her life around Nashville (and around the world as she travels with clients)!

Her Procedure

Melissa has been a patient and friend of Dr. Biesman for years and receives injectables to restore and maintain her youthful appearance. “I just turned 45, and Dr. Biesman uses tasteful amounts of Botox and filler on me…he’s a magician!” Botox is injected into the skin to relax specific muscles or muscle groups, while fillers rejuvenate the face by replacing lost volume to specific facial structures, thus reestablishing youthful contours and balance. These are two of the most common aesthetic procedures we offer in the office.

To learn more about injectables, view our injectable fillers page for more information or schedule a consultation.

Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation with Jenny Reimold (@jennyreimold)

Non Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Patient of Dr. Biesman in Nashville with her daughter

About Jenny

Jenny is the mother of seven children, the wife of a retired Major League Baseball player and a contributing writer for HGTV. She shares everything from her family adventures to helpful design, beauty and lifestyle content for her readers.

Her Procedure

Jenny recently wrote about her experiences at our practice using a variety of treatments including botox, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, fillers and lasers. Most recently, she highlighted her experience using Thermage, a non-surgical skin-tightening procedure that uses radio frequency technology to heat the deeper, collagen-rich layers of the skin. Following the treatment, there were immediate results in her neck and the most noticeable results will follow gradually in two to six months. We’re thrilled to have her as a patient and to see her final results!

Dr. Biesman performing non-surgical skin rejuvenation on a patient in Nashville


Our Influencer NetworkPatients of Dr. Brian Biesman, Nashville, TN

For two years now, we’ve invited some of the influencers in our network to our office for an evening of community, conversation, cocktails and some educational insight into the services our practice offers. This year’s event, hosted by Mallory Ervin and Jesssouthern, was another great success. We’re thankful to work with so many incredible entrepreneurs who are shaping the community and world around them.

Dr. Brian Biesman and patients of his practice in Nashville, TN

If you have questions about any of the services mentioned above, or any others that we offer, visit our services page on our website for more information or schedule a consultation to learn more.

Enhance Your Appearance as You Prepare for the Holiday Season

Calendar illustration related to Holiday Season blog postWhile it might only be September, now is the time to think about preparation in order to look your best during the holiday season. Whether you’ll be attending a corporate party, festivities with friends, or simply gathering together with your extended family, there’s no question that this is a popular time of year to be seen by those you love. Let’s explore some common procedures we offer that can beautifully enhance your appearance as you prepare for the holiday season. 


Problem:  Unwanted, stubborn bulges of the abdomen (belly), flanks, back, inner and outer thighs, arms, under the chin and other areas.

Solution:   CoolSculpting®: CoolSculpting is a completely noninvasive, safe and effective way to eliminate unwanted body fat (an especially popular concern during a season of over-indulgence!) Ideal candidates are within 20-30 pounds of their ideal body weight and have stubborn bulges that simply don’t respond to diet and exercise. Treatment is performed in the office without anesthesia or sedation. Best results are seen 3 months after treatment.  Using the latest techniques and technology, CoolSculpting can transform your body.  Like any other medical procedure, achieving best results (and avoiding complications) with CoolSculpting requires a great deal of knowledge and experience so choose a highly experienced provider.  


Problem:  Red or brown discoloration of the face, neck, and/or chest skin

Solution Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).  IPL treatments can correct the red and brown skin tones resulting from sun exposure and aging.   The face, neck and chest are the most commonly treated areas although the arms, legs, back and shoulders respond beautifully to treatment as well.  A few treatments are often required for best outcomes so you will want to begin several months before the wedding.  Downtime after IPL is minimal, but even still, this isn’t a treatment to have performed within a few days of important photos or events.  


Problem:  Deep or fine skin wrinkling.

Solution:  Laser skin resurfacing.  Laser skin resurfacing rejuvenates tired, wrinkled skin producing a fresh, youthful appearance.  Whether you are young and have fine wrinkling or have earned your deeper wrinkles over time, there is a resurfacing procedure that is right for you!  Skin resurfacing clears brown discoloration caused by sun damage, tightens skin along the jawline, eyelids and other areas, smooths wrinkles, and improves the texture and even improves the appearance of scars.  Depending on the treatment that is best for you, some recovery may be required after skin resurfacing so explore this option at least several months before your first holiday event rolls around. 


Problem:  Unwanted wrinkles and lines in the upper and lower face, lines, deep circles under the eyes, sagging of the cheeks, a tired or sad-looking mouth, jowling, unwanted fat under the chin, or generally just not looking your best!  

Solution:  Injectable products such as Botox®, soft tissue fillers, and Kybella®.  When administered by an expert, injections can enhance or restore your natural beauty while keeping a natural appearance.  While facial injectables are widely available, our office prides itself in having some of the most highly experienced professionals who can listen to your concerns, determine your needs, select the proper products, and administer them safely and effectively.  Ideally, facial injections should be performed at least 1 month before any major event.  


Problem:  Your holiday event is less than a week away and you need a “pick-me-up” to make your skin glow and look its best

Solution:  CO2Lift mask.  The CO2 lift is a facial mask that may be applied in our office or, if you are careful, at home.  The treatment takes an hour or so to complete and the results last 5-7 days (although these are safe enough to be used everyday should you wish to do one before each event!) There are no known risks to CO2 lift treatment and there is nothing else like it available.  The CO2Lift mask should be applied 24-48 hours before each holiday event.   


With a little bit of advanced planning, we can use a comprehensive approach to help you look your absolute best for whatever you have on the agenda this holiday season. Call our office today to schedule your desired procedures in ample time. We look forward to seeing you!

Who is the Man Behind the Practice? Q&A with Dr. Biesman

While it’s no secret that Dr. Biesman is a Board Certified Oculofacial plastic surgeon, chances are you may not know much more about him than that. Dr. Biesman deeply values his relationship with each patient and always strives to make them feel like the priority upon every visit. So given the nature of his “you-focused” mentality, this month, we sat down with Dr. Biesman for a Q&A to turn the tables and provide you with a little more context about the man behind the practice.

picture of Dr. Brian Biesman Oculofacial plastic surgeon



Dr. Biesman was born in Fort Meade, Maryland but at the ripe age of 2, he moved to Flint, MI where he’d spend his childhood growing up. Michigan went on to be a significant source of “home” – even into his collegiate years. “I attended the University of Michigan for both Undergraduate studies and Medical School. Even to this day, my blood still runs Maize and Blue!”

Picture of Michigan stadium


So what made Dr. Biesman take an interest in oculofacial plastics?  “Honestly, it was sort of by happenstance” he tells us.


“I loved general and vascular surgery but all of the surgeons I knew who had been practicing in those fields for many years hated their jobs due to the hours and stress and advised me to do something else. All of the Ophthalmologists I knew were very happy with their career choice and their lives.  I started an Ophthalmology residency and realized that I didn’t enjoy working on eyes as much as I hoped, but I did love plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and face and decided to pursue this as a career path. In my 2nd year out of training (1994), while an Assistant Professor in Boston, I had the opportunity to do some of the earliest work with cosmetic lasers and injectables. Little did I know that this experience would plot the course for my entire professional career.   I pursued my surgical and nonsurgical interests over time and eventually moved to Nashville where I have continued to practice, teach, and do research to develop and evaluate novel techniques, technologies, and products to enhance our ability to make patients look as good as they feel.


Who, or what, has been the biggest teacher in your career?

“I have had 3 different individuals who I considered professional mentors. These special people taught me more about how to be incorporate the values of empathy, professionalism, strength of character, integrity, and how to always “take the high road” even when it is not the easiest path.  Unfortunately none of these mentors are currently living but their teachings are with me every day. They include my Fellowship Director, Albert Hornblass, M.D., the former head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital, Dr. Robert Goldwyn, and my father-in-law, Herman Kaplan, M.D.”


Of course, these aren’t the only people who have inspired Dr. Biesman over the years.  “My wife Didi has also been an amazing personal mentor to me, keeping me grounded and providing me with wise counsel, guidance and support.”


If Dr. Biesman hadn’t become a doctor, what might have his profession been you ask? “That is an easy one” he tells us. “A Marine Biologist!”



Dr. Biesman moved to Nashville in 1998 and ever since, it’s become home. “I’ve developed so many  ‘favorites’ since moving here, I couldn’t begin to name them all!” When he’s not cheering on the Tennessee Titans or the Nashville Predators, his favorite professional sport teams, you might spot him around town at one of his favorite eateries. “I love the Palm and Kayne Prime, and often find myself at Bricktops for a quick dinner after work. I also love Park Café as a great neighborhood spot which is also extremely conducive to doing business meetings, or Rush Bowls for a healthy treat after working out!”

Picture of the Nashville skyline at night



When Dr. Biesman isn’t working, he stays busy with a wide variety of passions and interests, including fishing, reading, traveling, working out, and spending as much time with family as possible. “I love to travel with my wife and our family to explore interesting new places- especially destinations that involve an ocean and fishing!”


What type of reading do typically enjoy?  

“My work requires me to do a tremendous amount of reading.  Due to the diverse nature of my interests and the extremely rapid pace at which our field changes and evolves, every month I need to reach scientific journals covering the topics of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, advances in Laser Medicine and Surgery Oculofacial Plastic Surgery, and a host of others.  When I am reading for pleasure (which I like to do every night), I prefer to keep it light- Authors such as Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Lee Child, Clive Cussler, etc.”


Let’s talk music: you seem to have a wide variety of music playing at the office! Tell us about your favorite musical influences.

“Wow, I have a wide range of musical tastes!  Having grown up in Michigan which was known for its early Rock scene I grew up listening to Bob Seger, Madonna, Ted Nugent, and the entire Motown sound.  Today I have diverse tastes including pop Country, any genre of rock, current pop hits, hip-hip (especially West Coast!), Blues (especially Chicago style), Jazz, New Age (I love Mannheim Steamroller and Enya), and even classical.”



Q: What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended?  

“Tough question!  I loved taking our family to Lollapalooza a few years ago so we could enjoy some music together but then break up into groups and hear some of the bands/genres we loved.  It was a fabulous.”


Q: What would your last meal be?

A: Fresh fish, steamed veggies and cold beer!


Q: Where is your happy place?

A: On the water (preferably a warm beach or on a boat) in the early morning as the sun is coming up, fishing.


Q: What energizes you and brings you excitement?  

A: Taking on a challenging problem and solving or overcoming it.


Q: If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?  

A:Try to learn to play the guitar.


Q: What is your guilty pleasure?  

A: I really don’t drink much alcohol, but I do enjoy an excellent single malt scotch


Q: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?  

A: Relax more and enjoy the ride!




One of the best pieces of advice Dr. Biesman tells us he has ever received was to find a niche for himself– and that’s clearly something he’s done with his practice. But as we inquired more about his personal and professional values, it became abundantly clear that there’s been more to the equation that has lead to his success.


“For me, success means having earned the respect of my family, staff, patients, and peers– and I strive to achieve that every single day.”


But when we asked Dr. Biesman to pinpoint his greatest success or proudest accomplishment to date?  “It is tough to identify a single proudest accomplishment. Being a father to 3 great kids and married to an amazing woman for 26 years are both right up there.  Professionally, I’m proud that I’m able to have a practice built on the principles of compassion and excellence while maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards.  That may sound trite but it is really true!”


Our Waiting Room featured in ED NASH(VILLE) Sophisticated Living Nashville

Picture of artist, Nash, looking at the art in the office of Brian Biesman

Picture of Nash's art in the waiting room of Dr. Biesman's office

Above is yet another striking illustration of how eloquently Nash’s art harmonizes into any environment. As seen in the newly renovated practice of nationally-renowned and Nashville-based Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Brian Biesman, Nash’s work not only hangs proudly upon the entrance but his patients are fortunate to enjoy Nash’s paintings in two additional places throughout his practice.

Unwavering attention to beauty and detail has always remained the solid foundation at the center of it all for Dr. Biesman. The poised precision, equally matched by his highly skilled staff, is applied to all that he does, not just in the meticulous care for his patients but also in creating an environment as if it were a metaphor for how beauty lies within. And that it does, especially within the walls of his practice located at 345 23rd Avenue North. Dr. Biesman sought Nash’s influence to curate a series of paintings that closely mirrored his work and together, they successfully created an elegant atmosphere that exudes quite sophistication.


Read Full Article ED NASH(VILLE) Sophisticated Living Nashville


Wellness and Aesthetics

Collage featuring the words: wellness, youthful, facial, appearance, sunblock, botox, sunblock, skincare, skin tightening, fillers, spirtitual, environmental, emotional
The New Year often signifies a “reset button” for improving our health and wellness after the decadence of the holiday season. This year, let part of your wellness resolutions involve taking better care of your skin! Here are a few tips to help you with the healthiest skin yet:

Wellness and Our Skin.  Skin health can be divided into preventative and restorative procedures.  A good sunblock is the foundation of preventative skin health.  As opposed to sunscreens, sunblocks contain ingredients such a titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which physically block both UVB (responsible for burning the skin) and UVA (the main culprit in skin aging and wrinkles) rays.  Sunblock should be used every day, even during cloudy days and in the winter. 

Restorative wellness procedures include treatments such as skin resurfacing, which removes sun-damaged skin and stimulates growth of fresh, healthy, new tissue, reducing wrinkling and discoloration.  When performed properly, skin resurfacing has even been proven to reduce the risk of developing future skin cancers.  Skin resurfacing can be performed on most body areas but requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise to obtain best results; choose your provider with the same diligence as you would a surgeon.

Topical skincare products can also promote restorative wellness. A word of caution:  approach those proclaiming to be “natural” with caution; some are indeed superior but remember that poison ivy is also natural. Just because a product claims to be natural does not mean it is automatically superior to others.  Consult a knowledgeable skin care specialist to choose the products that are best for your skincare goals.

Facial Wellness and Appearance.  Restoration and maintenance of a youthful facial appearance can be achieved with a variety of minimally invasive techniques. Injectable fillers produce the soft curves and fullness characteristic of youth along with injectable muscle relaxing drugs such as Botox® to soften and prevent the development of lines. Noninvasive skin tightening procedures such as Thermage® and Ultherapy® also stimulate production of fresh new collagen, one of our skin’s critical structural components to improve skin tightness and contour.

Aesthetic treatments are an important part of our physical and mental wellness.  Use great discretion when selecting an expert who can guide you to your wellness goals.  


Written by Brian S. Biesman, M.D. 

Sophisticated Living Nashville JAN_FEB 2018 

The Perfect Timing

Exert from THE PERFECT TIMING, an article written by Dr. Biesman

“The Perfect Timing,” written by Dr. Brian Biesman. In a perfectly timed complement to Sophisticated Living’s first annual wedding edition, Dr. Biesman offers his expert advice regarding pre-wedding procedures. 

“Several times per day, I am presented with the scenario that someone wants to freshen up his or her appearance for an upcoming wedding. These requests involve everyone from the bride and groom, to family members, friends, and even distant relatives. Everyone who presents this question has the same goal: they want to look their best on the special day. Just like with all wedding details, making a timeline for rejuvenation procedures will help you achieve your aesthetic goals well before the big day. Let’s take you through some of the frequently presented scenarios and the type of advice I typically offer for each.”



    Download the full article PDF of “THE PERFECT TIMING”


July 20th Injectable Day Benefiting Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue

Picture of the flyer rgarding the Injection Day with proceeds going to the Proverbs 12:10 animal rescue


Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue

Our Injection Day is approaching on Thursday, July 20 and we still have a few appointment times available! A portion of the proceeds from the injections administered will be donated to Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue, a local non-profit organization! Over the years our practice has become aware of Proverbs 12:10’s mission and we truly appreciate the work that they do to benefit animals. 


Can’t make it or not due for your next injection? You can still help!


  • Call the Office the day of the event and pre-purchase a certificate to apply towards your next injectable treatment
  • Ask the office for the “Wish List” of supplies the organization is in need of (you can also drop those items off at the office and we will make sure they are delivered to the organization).


Download a PDF copy of the Proverbs 12:10 “Wish List”



Keeping Up With Your Maintenance

Picture of car gauges that show if you are due for botox, fillers, or laser treatment
Keeping Up With Your Maintenance

Increasingly, iconic figures recognized for their timeless beauty are publicly discussing some of their “secrets” for maintaining their appearance over a span of many decades.  Dolly Parton is a brilliant, talented, and iconic figure who has made no secret of the fact that she has enhanced her appearance regularly over the years.  In fact, she once told Larry King, “I look at myself like a show dog. I’ve got to keep her clipped and trimmed and in good shape.”  She has also been quoted as saying, “If I see something sagging, bagging or dragging I’ll get it nipped, tucked or sucked.”  While Ms. Parton often made these remarks in jest, she truly is a thought-leader who helped break down the social stigma previously associated with rejuvenation procedures.  She also popularized the concept of ongoing “maintenance” of one’s appearance, an idea that today has become the cornerstone for both rejuvenation and for prevention of age-related changes. 

Additionally, Christie Brinkley is a beauty icon who, at age 62, has retained her super-model appearance without surgery.  Ms. Brinkley recently has come forward and openly discussed her minimalistic yet highly successful approach in her recently released book “Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great”.  In her book she discusses her judicious use of Botox®, injectable fillers, noninvasive skin tightening, and laser treatments as well as her diet and exercise regimen. 

You don’t have to be famous or have unlimited resources in order to keep yourself looking great over an extended period of time, nor do you have to undergo dramatic treatments which change your appearance or are noticeable to others.   I completely agree with Ms. Brinkley who says, “The best results are not total transformations but nearly imperceptible changes that just make you look like a slightly younger version of you. This is an area where less really is more.”  Employing this strategy, we routinely see patients who, as a result of excellent skin care, regular use of Botox® and fillers, periodic laser and skin tightening treatments, and adherence to a healthy lifestyle and diet look better today than they did a decade or more ago.  The goal is to create both a long and short-term maintenance plan to maximize and maintain a youthful appearance. Seeing the sense of self-satisfaction and confidence instilled when patients look at the photographs we took before starting their treatments is one of the most rewarding aspects of my practice. 

If you are interested in making a plan to help you subtly look more youthful and to maintain your appearance over an extended period of time, please contact us. 

Father’s Day Giveaway!

Father's Day Giveaway

The Practice of Brian S. Biesman, MD

is celebrating Father’s Day

by Giving Away an injectable treatment (value up to $1500)

Or a CoolSculpting treatment (up to 2 small cycles)

to a deserving Dad!

Here’s how to enter:

Nominate your dad or another deserving dad that you love! Submit a photo of the person you’re nominating and a brief story about why we should pick by emailing it to We’ll pick the top 4 finalists internally then let the public vote on social media for who should win. One winner will be chosen to receive either a CoolSculpting Treatment provided by one of our Laser Specialist or an inJectable treatment plan provided by Dr. Biesman or Molly Katz, RN.


Deadline to submit: June 16, 2017
Voting begins on: June 19 and ends June 25
Winner announced: June 26, 2017


Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity

to gift a Special Dad with

a fat freezing treatment that will target those

hard-to-lose stubborn areas

or an injectable treatment plan

to enhance his chiseled look.

We look forward to seeing your photos

and hearing your stories!


Contest Regulations:


During the initial consultation, the area of treatment will be determined by the physician or registered nurse. Full treatment plan recommendation may exceed the CoolSculpting® or Injectable Treatment contest prize. Should the patient choose to pursue the full treatment plan, the additional cost would be the responsibility of the patient. All submitted photos and stories hereby give consent for the practice of Brian S. Biesman, MD to use for marketing purposes on the web, social media, and other outlets for the use of this Father’s Day promotion and future promotional use, which includes posting before/after photos on our website. May not be combined with other offers or promotions. Only one winner of services will be chosen. Non-transferable. May not be exchanged for another service or monetary value. Services must be provided before the end of 2017. Services limited to one treatment setting.

What Does the Doctor Order?

Picture of a family, mother, father, son, and daughterDeciding What to Get Your Parents this Mother’s & Father’s Day?

As the calendar rolls around to Mother’s Day on May 14, and Father’s Day on June 18, the search for the perfect gift that is unique, insightful, and fun is not always easy! Yes, we know that our parents are always grateful for any recognition from their children, but sometimes us children want to honor our parents with a gift that is both meaningful and useful.  But what do our parents really want?  New survey information reveals that many moms and dads want to freshen up their appearance.

According to American Society for Plastic Surgery President Dr. Phillip Haeck, “In the last decade, we’ve seen women’s attitudes about cosmetic surgery change.” A combination of busy schedules, lack of sleep, and the need to focus on others can lead to mothers forgetting to take care of themselves. Additionally, rates of both surgical and nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures among men increased dramatically over the past several years, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Today, both men and women can take advantage of a wide variety of products and procedures to help achieve a natural, healthy, and more youthful appearance.

Nonsurgical rejuvenation options popular with both men and women today include:

  • Medical grade skincare to transform and maintain skin health
  • Injectables such as Botox® and fillers which can relax deep facial lines and restore youthful and attractive facial contours
  • Noninvasive skin tightening as achieved by Thermage® or Ultherapy®
  • CoolSculpting® for noninvasive body contouring and reduction of unwanted bulges in the belly, “love handles”, thighs, under the chin, back, and many other areas
  • Kybella® for removal of unwanted fullness of the neck or “double chin”
  • Laser treatment for unwanted blood vessels or stretch marks

Many years ago, both men and women would wait until fifties to start thinking about ways to achieve a more youthful appearance.  Today, with so many nonsurgical and minimally invasive options available, men and women typically begin to address their appearance in their thirties and even earlier.  So when deciding what to get your parents this Mother’s and Father’s Day, a gift certificate for aesthetic services may be just what the doctor ordered!