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A wide variety of lasers and related devices can help our skin look fresher and more youthful by correcting wrinkles, discoloration, and even scarring. An experienced provider understands the differences between the wide varieties of available devices and can recommend an appropriate treatment for the patient.

Laser skin resurfacing describes the process by which a laser or similar device is used to deliver heat to the skin in a very specific manner. In response to this stimulus, the skin undergoes a healing process that results in elimination of discolored, sun-damaged areas, producing fresh, new skin. The regenerated skin is smoother in texture and appears more youthful.  There are many different types of skin resurfacing lasers allowing us to accomplish outcomes ranging from a light freshening of your skin with little to no downtime to correcting severe sun damage and deep wrinkling.  The artistry of skin resurfacing lies in the user moreso than the technology itself.  The expert laser surgeon will not only understand which device is likely to help you meet your needs but also is familiar with best practices in the use of that device to allow you to achieve your goals in the safest manner.

Over time, environmental and sun exposure can lead to our skin to lose its youthful glow.  Common changes include brown discoloration, red discoloration, and the development of “sun spots”.  These changes can occur on our face, chest, back, arms, legs, and other sun exposed areas.  Using a laser or pulsed light technology, we can help you restore your skin to a healthier, fresher appearance.

Lasers and other technology-based devices such as intense pulsed light (IPL) can also be used to treat unwanted blood vessels on the face and body.  Examples of the types of unwanted vessels we commonly treat include “broken capillaries’, diffuse red discoloration due to sun damage or rosacea, birth marks, blue veins on the eyelids, unwanted leg veins, and others.  Due to variations in technology and the diverse nature of the size, color, and the depth of unwanted blood vessels, many different devices are required to help patients achieve best outcomes with the lowest possible risk.  Dr. Biesman is pleased to offer treatment with a full spectrum of available vascular laser technology.

The following sections of this website will explore the various ways in which lasers and other state of the art technology-based devices can be used to help correct skin which has been damaged by aging, sun exposure, medical conditions, and accidents or injuries.