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Juvederm ® is the trade name of an FDA-approved injectable product made of a naturally occurring product called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found throughout our skin, eyes, kidneys, and other areas. Juvederm® is created in laboratories by Allergan, Inc., the makers of Botox® and Latisse® and is available in two preparations: Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm UltraPlus. Juvederm® Ultra is commonly used to correct wrinkles and lines while Juvederm® UltraPlus is used more often to restore facial volume lost as part of the aging process.

Where Juvederm® Is Most Often Used

As with all fillers, Juvederm ® products can be used to either enhance facial features or restore changes which have occurred as a result of environmental exposure or aging.  Areas where Juvederm ® Ultra is often beneficial include the nasolabial folds (lines between our nose and the corner of our mouth), vertical lines in the upper and lower lips, corners of the mouth, and deep furrows between the eyebrows.  When Juvederm ® UltraPlus is used to augment facial volume, it is commonly placed around the eyebrows, in the lower part of the face, in the temples, hands, and other areas. As is true of all hyaluronic acid products available in the United States today, Juvederm ® may not be the best product for correcting hollowness in the cheeks or under the eyes.

What to Expect Before and During Treatment

There are no special preparations required prior to Juvederm injection.  Discontinuing the use of aspirin or blood thinners 10-14 days prior to Juvederm treatment will reduce the likelihood of bruising; however, if the use of blood thinners (even baby aspirin) has been recommended by a doctor, you must obtain permission from the prescribing physician before discontinuing these products.  Juvederm® injections are given in the office and most patients choose to use topical anesthetic cream or local anesthetic injection prior to a Juvederm® injection.  In addition, a relatively small number of patients prefer to take oral medications for anxiety relief prior to Juvederm treatment.  Our staff will be happy to assist you should you wish to learn more about this option.

What to Expect After Treatment

If bruising does occur after your Juvederm ® treatment, it may be minimized via the use with the use of laser or pulsed light treatment.  Please contact us immediately if you develop significant bruising after an injection.

Juvederm® injections may need to be “touched” up every six months.  Prior to your leaving our office, our staff will advise you when you should schedule a follow-up appointment.  If you ever have a problem with a treatment that has been provided at our practice, we may be reached 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Please call if you ever have questions or concerns.

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