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LatisseĀ® is the only FDA-approved product to make eyelashes grow longer, darker and thicker. Applied daily, it can yield lash improvement in just a few months.

  • Why is it important that Latisse is FDA approved? FDA approval for a medication comes only after carefully performed scientific studies demonstrate the drug to be safe and effective.  Latisse is the only product available today to be scientifically proven to make eyelashes grow longer, thicker and darker.
  • How often is Latisse used? Latisse is used once a day at bedtime. It is applied to the eyelids with the eyes closed.
  • How is Latisse applied? Latisse is applied using the specially designed applicator provided in the package.
  • How long do I have to use Latisse before I will see a change in my eyelashes? Some improvement will be seen after 8 weeks; maximum improvement is seen after 16 weeks.
  • Does everyone respond to Latisse? All patients included in the study upon which FDA clearance was based had at least some improvement in the appearance of their eyelashes.
  • What happens if I stop using Latisse? If you discontinue use of Latisse, your eyelashes will gradually return to their appearance prior to using the drug.  You must continue to use Latisse to enjoy the benefits of longer, thicker, darker eyelashes.
  • Does Latisse stimulate hair growth on the eyebrows or other areas? Latisse has not yet been formally tested on other areas, but isolated reports suggest that eyebrows may respond favorably as well.
  • Is Latisse safe? In the study in which 278 subjects used Latisse for 16 weeks, eye redness or itching occurred in less than 4% of subjects.  Darkening of the eyelid skin occurred in less than 3% of subjects. Darkening of the eyelid skin is believed to be reversible.  Darkening of the iris (the colored part of the eye) did not occur in any of the 278 patients who used Latisse as part of the FDA study.  If this were to take place, it may or may not be reversible.

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