Cosmetic Corrective Surgery

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Unanticipated outcomes after eyelid and laser surgery may include unexpected scarring, dissatisfaction with the overall aesthetic result, malposition of the eyelids, especially the lower lids, change in the shape of the eyes, unwanted alteration in skin color and other problems, Fortunately, in many situations these problems can be corrected by cosmetic corrective surgery, laser therapy, medical treatment or a combination of these approaches.

Surgery for Eyelid Malposition

Malposition of the eyelids usually refers to “drooping” of the upper and/or lower eyelid after previous surgery.  There are many reasons why this may occur.  In some situations medical treatment and time are sufficient to produce satisfactory improvement.  At other times, additional surgery may be required.

The Role of Laser Treatments

Elevation of scars, unacceptable appearance of scars and changes in skin color are often treated with one or more laser treatments. Lasers may be used to reduce scar thickness, decrease the redness or itching sensation associated with some scars and to improve skin texture if scarring has occurred.

Lasers, surgery, and medical treatment are often used in combination to provide the greatest improvement when surgical outcomes leave both the patient and surgeon disappointed.