Bellafill® is a permanent filler used to counteract the effects of acne scarring. Previously known as Artefill®, Bellafill is made of medical-grade plastic beads coated in bovine (cow-derived) collagen. This product uses collagen that has been modified to reduce the risk of allergic reactions that occurred with older collagen products.  However, skin testing is required to ensure no allergic reaction to the collagen product.  The collagen only acts as a carrier solution for the long lasting portion of the product.  The collagen is reabsorbed while the plastic beads will provide many years of benefit.

Why Bellafill Isn’t the Best Choice for Age-Related Treatments

As is true of any permanent filler, once Bellafill is placed, it can never be modified or removed.  While this may sound like an advantage at first glance, consider that any problems that may arise following injection of this product may be uncorrectable. What’s more, even if an adverse reaction does not occur right away, as our faces change over time permanent fillers placed years or decades earlier can produce an unnatural or distorted appearance. For these reasons, it’s important that Bellafill be used with great care and should only be administered by a highly skilled injector.

Using Bellafill for Acne Scar Treatment

Recently Bellafill received FDA approval for treatment of depressed acne scars.  Although Dr. Biesman is not a proponent of the use of Bellafill for the correction of age-related changes, he is a strong supporter of the use of this product to correct depressed scars caused by acne, trauma or surgery.  At least two treatment sessions are typically required, and the results following Bellafill injection can improve for up to 12 months following treatment.

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