RHA NashvilleTeosyal® RHA (resilient hyaluronic acid fillers) by Revance: RHA®2, RHA®3, and RHA®4.

Dr. Biesman is one of the first and only physicians to offer an innovative advancement by Revance Therapeutics, Inc. in soft-tissue fillers: Teosyal® RHA (resilient hyaluronic acid). This family of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are FDA approved to treat dynamic wrinkles and folds.

Dynamic wrinkles and folds appear in areas of the face which move repetitively, such as around the mouth, eyes, and cheeks. Teosyal® RHA is designed to be resilient enough to adapt to your facial movement and preserve your natural look both at rest and during real-life movement and expressions.

Teosyal® RHA uses a gentle manufacturing process with few chemical modifications. This helps preserve the natural structure of the HA by integrating within the skin and mimicking the natural HA found in your skin.

With the unique properties of each product, we are able to use this filler technology to achieve specific outcomes within a wide range of aesthetic needs. While one product creates more lift and youthful contour, another can soften and smooth fine lines and wrinkles all while maintaining a natural appearance. There is even a product perfect for subtle lip enhancement!

The RHA family of products provides a unique combination of stretch and strength. These resilient products are able to maintain their integrity after stretching, bending, and being compressed, allowing the Teosyal® RHA Collection to adapt to the repetitive stress of facial movement. As with other HA products, Teosyal® RHA fillers can be reversed if desired.

These products contain lidocaine, which enhances the comfort of a treatment and are administered via injection. Should bruising occur following injection, complimentary laser treatment is available to help the bruises disappear more quickly.

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