Qwo®,The First FDA-approved Injectable for Treatment for Cellulite

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Cellulite is a condition that affects 85 to 90% of women.  While it is not dangerous from a health perspective, market research shows that nearly every woman who has cellulite would like to see it improved if possible.

There is a long history of cellulite treatments including topical products, surgical procedures, and laser or other energy based device treatments, all of which have produced results which have been relatively disappointing.  More recently, a great deal of scientific attention has been focused on the underlying causes of cellulite to help us understand both how to best treat it and who the best candidates are for treatment.  As a result of this research, we now have an exciting new treatment option known as Qwo®.

Qwo is the first ever injectable treatment for cellulite.  Qwo works by dissolving the bands of tissue under the skin responsible for creating the dimpling associated with cellulite and stimulating a process of skin remodeling.  As a result, dimples disappear or become less deep in the overall appearance of the skin can improve dramatically.  Qwo has been scientifically tested to be safe and effective and is the first injectable product to be approved by the FDA for treatment of cellulite. 

Qwo treatments are performed in the office and take only a few minutes to perform.  A series of 3 injections administered every 3 weeks or so is recommended for best results.  It is important to be aware that significant bruising is likely to occur following the first treatment and this can take up to 2 weeks to resolve.  Less bruising is associated with subsequent treatments.

Best candidates for Qwo treatment are women with mild to moderate cellulite and good skin quality. Qwo is an extremely safe product that has been scientifically proven to be effective.  If you would like more information about this exciting and innovative treatment, please contact our office.

QWO before and after cellulite treatment

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