Some individuals develop prominent blue colored veins on the eyelids which may be large enough to be of significant aesthetic concern. Some veins are located to the side of the eyes and are not on the eyelid itself whereas others are found on the eyelid.

Regardless of the location, these veins are not important to the safety and function of the eye or eyelid and therefore may be treated without compromising the health or function of the eyelid.

While blue veins of the eyelid can be treated surgically, it can be difficult to achieve success without producing scarring or other undesirable effects. The optimal manner in which to treat unwanted blue veins on the eyelids and around the eyes today is via laser treatment. Laser treatment of blue eyelid veins takes just a few minutes to perform and typically superb results can be achieved after only 1-2 treatments. Lasers can be used to treat unwanted eyelid vessels which extend all the way down to the edge of the eyelid. Those vessels which are extremely close to the eyelashes should not be treated with a laser due to the risk of injury to the eyelashes. Anesthesia or other preparations are not required prior to laser treatment of unwanted eyelid veins but it is important that the skin overlying the vessels is not tanned.

A special protective lens (like a large contact lens) must be placed over the eye during the treatment to minimize the risk of injury from the laser. This lens is coated with a lubricating ointment which may make your vision slightly blurred for a short time after laser treatment. It is thus a good idea to have someone drive you to your appointment if you live far away from our office.

Quick Facts:

  • Lasers are the treatment of choice for small vessels on the face typically referred to as “broken capillaries.”
  • Blue eyelid veins can be treated safely and effectively with laser therapy.
  • 1-3 sessions are usually required to achieve ideal outcomes and recurrence of vessels is uncommon.
  • It is a good idea to have a driver with you on the day that you wish to be treated as your vision may be temporarily blurred on account of the ointment used in the protective lens which may be required to protect your eye during treatment.

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