ultraclear nashvilleAn Exciting New Technology   There is an exciting new development in laser skin resurfacing known as the UltraClearTM laser.  The UltraClearTM laser represents the first major development in the laser resurfacing space in nearly 20 years!  This remarkable device allows us to perform skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation treatments in a unique manner that permits rapid treatment times, minimal discomfort (no anesthesia needed for most treatments), and shorter recovery times than have ever been possible previously while still delivering excellent results.  How is this possible?  The UltraClearTM laser is often referred to as a true “cold laser” due to the fact that only minimal heat is applied to the skin, limiting discomfort and healing time.

What Can the UltraClearTM Laser Do?  The UltraClearTM laser is extremely versatile; it can be used on all skin types for a variety of indications. 

Superficial “3DMIRACL” Treatment.  The 3DMIRACL is a superficial laser treatment which is considered a “lunchtime” type of treatment.  The treatment is performed without anesthesia and the entire face can typically be treated in 10 minutes or less.  After the treatment your skin will be pink for a day or 2 but makeup can be applied the day of treatment or the following day.  The 3DMIRACL treatment produces a healthy skin “glow” while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, and to improve overall skin texture.  The ideal candidates for UltraClearTM 3DMIRACL treatments are younger patients or those with mild to moderate sun damage and/or aging skin who would like to effectively improve the appearance of their skin with minimal discomfort, downtime or recovery.  For best results a series of 3-6 3DMIRACL treatments spaced approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart is recommended.

Treatment of Deeper Lines and Wrinkles and More Advanced Skin Discoloration.  When treating deeper lines and wrinkles and to effect a greater amount of repair for skin that has sustained more damage from time and environmental exposure, the UltraClearTM laser can remove more of the damaged tissue and stimulate production of fresh new collagen and elastin, critical building blocks for healthy skin.  Even these more aggressive treatments are typically performed using only cold air for anesthesia while maintaining patient comfort.  As would be anticipated, recovery times are longer after deeper treatment of more advanced skin concerns, typically requiring 5 days or so. 

Treatment of Unwanted Scars.  The UltraClearTM laser is highly effective at treating a variety of scars on the face and body including those caused by trauma, surgery, acne, and burns.  Treatment of scars often requires a combination of medical, surgical and laser treatments.  Dr. Biesman and his team will advise you how to best treat your scars and what type of results you can expect from treatment. 

Skin Rejuvenation Off the Face.  Traditional resurfacing lasers have largely been limited to use on the face due to the high risk of scarring and other complications associated with resurfacing treatments in other areas.  Due to the minimal amount of thermal injury it produces, the UltraClearTM laser is extremely versatile and can be used on the neck, chest, arms and other areas to improve skin color and texture.  Treatments off the face can often be performed at the same time as facial resurfacing treatments. 

The UltraClearTM laser is an incredibly exciting, truly disruptive technology that has changed the way we approach skin rejuvenation and the treatment of scarring.  Let Dr. Biesman and his team teach you how your skin would benefit from this remarkable new treatment.

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