FaceTite and AccuTite are minimally invasive procedures used to tighten and contour the lower eyelid, jawline, neck, and facial tissue.  During the procedure, Dr. Biesman uses this novel radiofrequency device to reduce fat and tighten skin in the targeted areas, providing an alternative to invasive surgery.  The Facetite/Accutite procedures are performed in the office without the need for general anesthesia or even deep sedation.  There is minimal discomfort associated with the Facetite procedure either during or after the treatment.  While there is swelling immediately after a Facetite treatment, most patients find this resolves within several days.  Results are typically evident shortly after the procedure and continue to improve over the following months.  Facetite is safe for use in men and women of all skin colors.  Schedule a consultation today to learn if you are a candidate for this potentially transformative treatment!


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