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Seeing premature holiday decor being sold in the stores can naturally spark a bit of annoyance (it’s not even Halloween yet!) With that said, there are certain measures that need to start happening now in order to be ready when the holidays start rolling around such as cosmetic procedures that can help you look and feel your best. Whether you’ll be attending a corporate party, festivities with friends, or simply gathering together with your extended family, there’s no question that this is a popular time of year to be seen by those you love. If you’re looking to beautifully enhance your appearance as you prepare for those events this holiday season, here are some procedures we offer at our practice that can do just that. 



Coolsculpting B and ABefore and after A


Before and after B


CoolSculpting® is a completely noninvasive, safe and effective way to eliminate unwanted body fat, which is an especially popular concern as we move to a season of over-indulgence! Ideal candidates are within 20-30 pounds of their ideal body weight and have stubborn areas that simply don’t respond to diet and exercise. This treatment is performed in our office without the need for anesthesia or sedation. Best results are usually seen three months after treatment, hence why it’s important to start now! 


Additionally, our practice is proud to be one of the few with the CoolTone™ Beta System. During this procedure, CoolTone’s Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, or MMS technology, delivers energy through the skin and fat to target only the underlying muscle, inducing intense contractions (far more than you could ever achieve with exercise). The body’s response to these contractions is strengthened and enlarged muscles with resultant improvement in muscle conditioning. CoolTone may be used on the abdomen (belly) or the buttocks.  Following treatment of the abdomen, patients often note better strength, posture, and aesthetic improvement in the appearance of the midsection. The combination of CoolTone and CoolSculpting is the ultimate combination to noninvasively improve the appearance of your abdomen. CoolTone treatment of the buttocks can produce lifting, tightening and enhanced contour. CoolTone treatments are performed in the office without anesthesia or sedation. The recommended treatment series is 2 treatment per week for 2 weeks (4 treatments in total).  Touch up treatments are typically performed every 4-6 months. Book a consultation with our practice to learn if you’re a candidate for this exciting new procedure!

CoolTone LFT 45 pre post Cooltone LFT 45 pre post




As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity. Thermage® is a non-invasive, skin-tightening treatment that carefully heats the skin and creates a contouring effect while stimulating your skin’s natural collagen production process. Immediately following treatment, the treated area may be slightly pink for a short time, but patients can resume normal activities immediately.  As with any procedure, results vary from patient to patient but final results cannot be judged for six months after the treatment with final effects typically last 1-2 years! 

Dr. Biesman performing non-surgical skin rejuvenation on a patient in Nashville

Another great option for skin-tightening is Ultherapy®. This is a noninvasive treatment that delivers heat to the skin using focused ultrasound to produce tightening and lift sagging skin. There is minimal to no recovery period or down time after treatment, although both Ultherapy® and Thermage® produce best results if a series of at least 2 or even 3 treatments are performed.  Treatments ideally would be performed approximately 1 month apart, so it’s best to plan ahead to schedule your treatments in the lead up to your holiday events.




Intense Pulsed Light (or IPL) treatments can correct the red and brown skin tones resulting from sun exposure and aging. The face, neck and chest are the most commonly treated areas although the arms, legs, back and shoulders respond beautifully to treatment as well.  A few treatments are often required for best outcomes so you will want to begin several months before the holiday season. Downtime after IPL is minimal, but even still, this isn’t a treatment to have performed within a few days of important photos or events.

V beam is another treatment that’s great for treating redness (including rosacea, acne and red scars). Similar to IPL, downtime is minimal but also isn’t a treatment to have performed within a few days of important photos or events.



Periorbital Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing rejuvenates tired, wrinkled skin producing a fresh, youthful appearance.  Whether you are young and have fine wrinkling or have earned your deeper wrinkles over time, there is a resurfacing procedure that is right for you. Skin resurfacing clears brown discoloration caused by sun damage, tightens skin along the jawline, eyelids and other areas, smooths wrinkles, and improves the texture and appearance of scars. Depending on the treatment that is best for you, some recovery may be required after skin resurfacing so explore this option at least several months before your first holiday event rolls around. 


Looking for another great way to improve the quality of your skin tone, texture and radiance after the damage done this summer? Fraxel® is a non-invasive treatment for patients who want to look younger without dramatic changes or extended downtime. We recently started offering this treatment again and are excited about the results we’re seeing. Book a consultation with our practice to see if you’re a suitable candidate. 




Tear trough injection

Injectable products such as neuromodulators (Botox® and similar drugs) and soft tissue fillers (Restylane®, Juvederm® and others), can enhance or restore your natural beauty while keeping a natural appearance. While facial injectables are widely available, our office prides itself in having some of the most highly experienced professionals who can listen to your concerns, determine your needs, select the proper products, and administer them safely and effectively.  Ideally, facial injections should be performed at least 1 month before any major event.  


With a bit of planning ahead, Dr.Biesman can use a comprehensive approach to help you look your absolute best for whatever you have on the agenda this holiday season. Call our office today to make sure you schedule your desired procedures with ample time. We look forward to seeing you!