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Enter a Mother you love in our Mother's Day Give Away!
Enter a Mother you love in our Mother’s Day Give Away!

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Don't forget to purchase your Mother's Day Certificates at 10% off
Don’t forget to purchase your Mother’s Day Certificates at 10% off

Real Estate & Rejuvenation

Real Estate & Rejuvenation

For days following the Grammy, Oscar and SAG Awards I am usually inundated with questions about what I think artists and actors  have “had done.” I am particularly asked about those individuals whose facial appearance has changed for the worse as a result of surgical or nonsurgical procedures. So what are the keys to success in facial rejuvenation? How do you avoid becoming a punch line? Let’s explore the answers to these important questions. 

Sophisticated Living often features some of Nashville’s most desired real estate properties. We all understand that homes in a highly desirable location, designed by the best architects and built with quality and integrity naturally have the greatest value. An interesting parallel can be made between real estate and facial aesthetics.

It has been scientifically proven that during the natural process of aging our faces deflate and sag, making us look older. Injectable fillers can be used to re-contour our faces to make them look more youthful and more attractive. In fact, a recent study found that patients who were treated with an injectable filler known as Juvederm® Voluma felt they looked an average of 5 years younger 6 months following treatment. So why do some patients who receive injections become punch lines while others look so good they appear to never age? Much like real estate, the answer lies in location and quality. The key to success in facial rejuvenation lies in the expertise of the injector who must be a master at:

  • Recognizing age-related facial changes
  • Understanding how and where to use each of the many available products to produce optimal results safely
  • Restoring a youthful appearance while naturally preserving your unique look

We have all seen communities where every home looks the same and others where each is carefully designed and built to be.
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