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DAXXIFYTM, Botox® and their competitors are all neuromodulators

Neuromodulators are drugs that affect the ability of a muscle to contract when the brain sends it a signal. The amount that the muscle relaxes depends on the dose being used and the size and physiology of the facial muscles. Achieving the desired outcome requires knowledge and experience; a cookie cutter approach will not work and can lead to complications such as unnatural facial expressions, lower eyebrow position, crooked smile, drooping eyelid, and others.

Neuromodulators are used for several different applications. The two main categories of uses are to soften wrinkles and lines produced by contraction of facial muscles and to recontour the face. Recontouring the face may involve lifting the eyebrows, making the chin more prominent, slimming the face to reduce the prominence of jaw muscles, enhancing jawline definition, or turning up the corners of the mouth.

Daxxify pre treatment to 9 months post
Daxxify pre treatment to 9 months post

I will sometimes use neuromodulators in combination with soft tissue fillers, laser skin resurfacing, and even eyelid rejuvenation surgery to achieve a balanced aesthetic. For other patients I will use neuromodulators to smooth wrinkles and lines in some areas and for contouring in others. Of course, there are limitations to the outcomes that can be achieved with neuromodulators.

For example, one of the most common requests I get from patients is for elevation of the brows and smoothing of the forehead. While neuromodulators can accomplish both of these goals, the key is that they can’t always do so simultaneously; patients frequently have to choose between a smooth forehead or elevated eyebrows. Faced with that decision, at least 99% percent choose to have a satisfactory eyebrow position.

Contrary to the popularly held myth, injecting a neuromodulator in the forehead does not lift the eyebrows. Instead, it has the opposite effect, which, upon closer thought makes sense. If you take away the ability of the muscles in your forehead to lift the eyebrows, they will drop even further.

What is DAXXIFY?

DAXXIFY is the trade name for daxibotulinumtoxin A. During clinical trials, it was tested between the eyebrows (as were Botox and all of the drugs in this class). I participated in more than one DAXXIFY clinical trial and found it worked beautifully. Once the trial was over, I incorporated it into my practice.

And yes, during the trial, I did see a long duration of results – 8 or 9 months in some cases. But keep in mind we only treated between the eyebrows.

I’ve now used DAXXIFY hundreds of times to treat the upper face, lower face, neck, and jaw muscles. I currently focus my use of DAXXIFY on the upper face, mostly between the brows, on the forehead, around the outside part of the eyebrows, on crow’s feet, and beside the nose. For select patients, I use it on the jaw muscles, neck and jawlines.

The differences between DAXXIFY vs Botox

As I have stated above, there is likely to be a longer duration of effect with DAXXIFY vs Botox and the other competitors. Anyone who is a candidate for Botox (or her sisters) is a DAXXIFY candidate. However, just because you are a good candidate doesn’t guarantee you will get a longer duration of effect than you might with another drug.

For my patients who don’t come in frequently for treatments (other than neuromodulators), DAXXIFY offers the opportunity to decrease the number of visits required in the course of a year while still maintaining a good effect.

There are other theoretical differences. Though the active ingredients are similar, the inactive ingredients of the five neuromodulators on the market vary quite a bit. Initially it was thought that the inactive ingredients played a role in efficacy and duration. Over time, we have learned that this is less important than we once believed.

A second difference is the role additional proteins or peptides may or may not play. Three neuromodulators, including Botox, include an added protein. DAXXIFY includes a peptide. Xeomin® has neither. According to Revance, the peptide helps the active ingredient stay in contact with cells for longer and enter the cells more effectively.

The final difference is what DAXXIFY doesn’t contain. The other four products contain human serum albumin, which helps stabilize the other ingredients. DAXXIFY does not contain it (or any human-derived products), but it doesn’t affect the efficacy.

Can DAXXIFY help you look your best?

I’ve now provided hundreds of treatments with DAXXIFY (and hundreds of thousands with the other neuromodulators), so the answer is definitely yes! If you are a good candidate for muscle-relaxing drugs, DAXXIFY can help you look your best. Most patients who I have previously treated with Botox or its sisters love the way DAXXIFY feels as well.

My staff and I are here to give advice and provide guidance to help you achieve outcomes that enhance your natural beauty, whether we use DAXXIFY, Botox, or one of the other neuromodulators.

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