Have you ever been more excited for a year to end? As 2020 comes to a close, we can’t help but reflect on all that’s happened during these last 12 months. It’s safe to say this year was unlike any we’ve ever experienced before and it certainly brought its fair share of challenges. Between the tornado that hit Nashville back in March to the pandemic that shocked the world… there were moments this year just didn’t seem fair. As difficult as it has been, our team still agrees this year wasn’t all bad. In fact, 2020 also allowed us to rest and to spend more quality time with the ones we love. Here are a few favorite highlights that stood out to various members of our staff: 

Dr. Biesman

 “While 2020 was a year of tremendous challenge, it did have some silver linings. First, we had the opportunity to spend more time with our adult children who live in other cities than I ever imagined possible at this stage of their lives. That was a true gift for which I am deeply appreciative. Second, 2020 provided an opportunity for me to observe the amazing commitment and dedication of both our core team and our patients to the practice. I am so grateful for this support. Finally, I made a resolution at the end of 2019 to get a better handle on my business travel schedule in the coming year as I had spent far more time away than I would have liked. This year certainly helped me accomplish that goal as I have not left Nashville since March 1!

-Dr. Biesman

Amanda, Research Coordinator

“My favorite thing about 2020 was the opportunity to be locked up with my boys. We tried to take advantage and do all things we always say “I wish I had time” to do. We scrapbooked, watched tons of movies, cooked/baked, did yard work, stained the deck and had long talks filled with laughter. Even though we were itching to get out of the house, it was truly a blessing to have that time together.”

-Amanda, Research Coordinator


Family in winter

“My favorite things about 2020 included:

-Stuffed animal fight with my kiddos when the lights went out during the tornado – kids against me!

-Friday night fun… virtual dance club in our bonus room!

-Eating dinner as a family again.

-Spending time learning about technology (like TikTok) and documenting how the family changed throughout the year. 

-New processes that make work easier and will be adopted even after the pandemic!”

(like TikTok)

-Jennifer, Practice Administration


Heidi, Practice Administration

“2020 has been full of silver linings! I am most thankful for the opportunity to spend more time with my husband and son! My son, Noah, started Kindergarten this year and thankfully has been able to attend in person. I love being a car line mom! We have built a tighter community within our neighborhood and have enjoyed the more simpler (yet meaningful!) activities in life like backyard barbeques, movies on the lawn and playing every kind of sport!

-Heidi, Practice Administration


While we’ve all found some silver linings to be thankful for, we’re still very ready for a new year… 


Cara, Clinical Nurse

“My highlights of 2020? To-go margaritas:) Bye, 2020… BYE!”

Cara, Clinical Nurse


Before we turn the page on 2020 altogether, we wanted to extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of our friends and patients who helped us get through this challenging year. We couldn’t imagine walking through these last 365 days without your loyalty and kindness!


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We hope that no matter how challenging 2020 may have been, you were able to still create memories to help turn a dark chapter in history into moments you’ll always cherish. We look forward to welcoming all of you into the practice soon as we all celebrate a new chapter full of fresh starts in this new year ahead!


From all of us at the practice of Dr. Brian Biesman, Happy Holidays!

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