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What’s The Perfect Summertime Facial Rejuvenation Treatment for Any Skin Type?

It’s the UltraClear™ 3DMIRACL™ Laser Facial!

UltraClear™’s latest innovation in laser technology makes the 3D Miracl laser facial a unique summertime option for anyone wanting to maintain a healthy glow all summer!

A 3DMIRACL™ treatment improves skin texture and brightness as well as reduces discoloration from sun damage. Unlike other laser treatments, the 3DMIRACL™ laser facial requires no topical numbing cream and has minimal downtime. Additionally, with this new technology, we can also safely treat darker skin types!

It is important to note that you must avoid sun exposure before and several days after a 3D MIRACL treatment…don’t forget your daily SPF!

Embrace a radiant glow this summer. Book a Complimentary Skincare Consultation today with Tammy Holton, RN or Netrani Sharma, MA to see if UltraClear™’s revolutionary 3DMIRACL™ laser facial can help you get your perfect summer glow!

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Join Us On July 18th and Receive Our Event Day Specials:

  • Complimentary Skin Care and UltraClear 3DMIRACL Consultation ($50 value)
  • 10% off Event Day Skincare Product Purchases on
  • 10% off of Event Day Purchase and Scheduling of UltraClearTM 3DMIRACL
    (Treatment must be completed by the end of October 2024.)

Automatic entry for your chance to receive 1 of 4 treatment giveaways:

  • 1 UltraClear 3DMIRCL laser facial treatment ($950 value)
  • 2 facials or peels ($125 value)
  • 1 IPL treatment ($500 value)

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