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Patient received facial injections in the following areas:
Brows, Cheeks, Tear Troughs, Lips, Nasolabial, Marionette, Prejowl Sulcus

As time passes, our faces begin exhibiting signs of age. The signs of aging can include loose, sagging skin around the cheeks, the chin, or the neck. They can also include a loss of volume, leading to a hollow or sunken appearance. While there’s no way to turn back the hands of time, there are proven, effective solutions to conceal the signs of aging and to regain a firmer, more youthful appearance. Two of the most common solutions are facial fillers and plastic surgery.

As a patient, how can you determine whether facial fillers or plastic surgery is best for achieving your aesthetic goals? One of the most helpful steps you can take is to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon, who can recommend a treatment option that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Biesman is an experienced Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon with expertise rejuvenating the mid- and upper face. While Dr. Biesman does not perform facelift or neck lift procedures, he will advise you if he believes one of both of these procedures is your best option.   Should you wish to pursue a nonsurgical approach, Dr. Biesman will help you determine your options and the risks, benefits, and expectations associated with each. Indeed, Dr. Biesman is a facial rejuvenation expert and talented in using facial fillers to reshape the structure of the face, to provide volume correction, and even to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.


Facial Fillers vs Plastic Surgery


To begin with, it is important to understand that both facial fillers and plastic surgery are tools, and they can both be used to advance the same goal of facial rejuvenation, namely, reversing some of the visible signs of age, leading to a brighter and younger facial appearance.

The major distinction between them is in just what kind of results you can expect from either tool. Facial fillers and plastic surgery can both rejuvenate your facial appearance, but the specific outcomes vary considerably.

As such, it is important to seek the expertise of someone like Dr. Biesman, who can let you know whether you are a candidate for surgical or for non-surgical treatments; and, if you qualify for both, to clarify the expectations for either treatment path.


Top 3 Uses of Facial Fillers


As you seek to make a decision between facial fillers or plastic surgery, it may be helpful to understand the three primary uses for facial fillers.


  1. Facial fillers can be used to structurally reshape the face to reduce signs of aging, or to correct issues that arise from genetics.
  2. Fillers can provide volume correction, specifically smoothing out hollow areas under the eye to achieve a more natural transition between the under-eye area and the top of the cheek. They may also be used to add volume to the cheeks, temples, chin, jawline, lips and other areas as part of total facial rejuvenation with facial fillers.
  3. Facial fillers can reduce the appearance of fine lines, especially around the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the mouth, the lips, cheeks and the neck. Note that this is one area where Botox may not be advisable, simply due to the underlying muscle structure.


There are also a few things that dermal fillers can’t do. For example, fillers cannot address issues of skin quality or quantity, which means they may not be sufficient for correcting sagging skin around the mouth. What they can do is create volume and lift, improving the appearance of patients whose overall skin quality is strong. They can also address loss of volume/deflation, which are among the most common signs of aging.

What about wrinkle prevention? While most dermal fillers cannot prevent the development of wrinkles, Botox injections can do this by limiting the movement of muscles that lead to wrinkle formation.


Using Dermal Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation


Dermal fillers are injectables that are used in total facial rejuvenation. They offer an almost instantaneous result, rejuvenating the facial appearance by restoring lost volume in the cheeks, improving contours of the face, and smoothing out wrinkles and creases.

Dr. Biesman has carefully selected a group of dermal fillers to offer patients, and he has demonstrated skill and craft in using them to achieve the optimal results. Note that Dr. Biesman also offers Botox, an injectable that works a bit differently from soft tissue fillers; Botox relaxes muscles and can specifically be used to relax the facial muscles that create crow’s feet, furrowed brows, forehead lines, downturned corners of the mouth, lines in the neck and others.  Botox can even be used to shape the face and improve jawline contour.

Dermal fillers have become popular because they may allow patients to achieve facial rejuvenation without the need for surgical intervention. Keep in mind that the results achieved through fillers are not the same as the results achieved through plastic surgery.


Using Facial Plastic Surgery to Correct Signs of Aging


Facial plastic surgery is a technique typically utilized to accomplish several objectives including “picking up” structures that have fallen, removal of skin, muscle, or fat which may be present in excess quantity, or to rearrange tissues that have shifted. If you need one or more of the above issues corrected, then surgery is the only path because these are not addressed with non-surgical approaches like facial fillers.

Facial Fillers Or Plastic Surgery? Dr. Biesman Can Help Determine Which Is Right for You

Again, it is important to keep in mind that facial fillers and facial plastic surgery are both tools that can be used to achieve the best version of yourself; and though both of these treatments have the same basic goal, they differ in exactly what they can accomplish. For patients, it is crucial to have the right expectations.

A good way to set those expectations, and to choose the treatment best aligned with your cosmetic goals, is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Biesman. A leading name in facial rejuvenation, particularly with dermal fillers, Dr. Biesman can help you find the treatment plan that best meets your facial rejuvenation needs.

To learn more about the benefits of facial fillers vs plastic surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Biesman in Nashville, TN.

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