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Nash looking at the art in the office of Brian Biesman

Picture of Nash's art in the waiting room of Dr. Biesman's office
Above is yet another striking illustration of how eloquently Nash’s art harmonizes into any environment. As seen in the newly renovated practice of nationally-renowned and Nashville-based Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Brian Biesman, Nash’s work not only hangs proudly upon the entrance but his patients are fortunate to enjoy Nash’s paintings in two additional places throughout his practice.

Unwavering attention to beauty and detail has always remained the solid foundation at the center of it all for Dr. Biesman. The poised precision, equally matched by his highly skilled staff, is applied to all that he does, not just in the meticulous care for his patients but also in creating an environment as if it were a metaphor for how beauty lies within. And that it does, especially within the walls of his practice located at 345 23rd Avenue North. Dr. Biesman sought Nash’s influence to curate a series of paintings that closely mirrored his work and together, they successfully created an elegant atmosphere that exudes quite sophistication.

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