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Our First Ever “KB Lift” Event and Exclusive Offer
Mark Your Calendars for
Monday, June 17th, 2024

Event appointment slots open Monday, June 3rd,
and spots will fill up quickly!

If you’ve been curious about our exclusive “KB Lift” injection, now is your opportunity to see if this innovative injectable technique is right for you! Watch the full video to learn more about who is a good candidate for a “KB Lift,” then visit our stories to check out Molly and Dr. Biesman demonstrating who is a good candidate for KB Lifting and why!

Event participants will enjoy:

  • $100 “KB Lift” Only Consultation Fee (a $100 Savings!)
  • $200 off same-day “KB Lift” Injection (must be a “KB Lift” candidate!)
  • Event Day Refreshments
  • Event Day Giveaway – each participant will draw to receive one of the following:
    • Biesman Beauty Pads ($196 Value)
    • CO2LIFT® Mask ($95 Value)
    • Complimentary Skin Care Consultation ($50 Value)

*Restrictions apply


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    The “KB Lift”: What Is It?

    The “KB Lift”, is a procedure that lifts and supports the cheek and jowl area by placement of filler behind the hairline. Dr. Biesman and Molly Katz, RN, modified to create the KB lift of a previously described technique. Placement of the filler behind the hairline provides an elegant effect without adding volume to the face. The procedure is done in the office and only takes a couple of minutes! There are no special instructions or recovery time afterward. While the results can vary from subtle to dramatic, KB lifting can minimize the need for filler in the cheeks or around the eyes, preventing a puffy, “over-injected” look. KB lifting can also help improve the jawline area, by minimizing the appearance of jowling.

    Who Qualifies for a “KB Lift” Treatment?

    While most patients benefit from KB Lifting, the ideal candidates have good quality skin with mild to moderate skin laxity. Patients with more advanced skin laxity may not be good candidates as KB lifting is not a substitute or the equivalent of a surgical facelift. To achieve best outcomes, additional injectables, laser, or non-invasive skin tightening treatments may be required depending on individual patient goals.

    The ‘KB’ Lift Patient Testimony

    In this video, our patient describes her first filler experience with KB lifting and filler injected along the jawline. She is an excellent example of how KB lifting and expertly placed jawline fillers can create a youthful, balanced appearance.

    Real patient results by Dr. Biesman. Notice the lifting effect around the patient’s eyes, the corner of the mouth, and improved definition along the jawline.

    Biesman Beauty Pads:

    High Potency Skin Brightening Beauty Pads

    Our unique formula combines Kojic acid, Arbutin, robust Anti-oxidants Vitamin C, E and Green tea with a gentle exfoliator to brighten uneven skin tone, revealing a fresh, radiant appearance. Talk to our skin care specialist about our BIESMAN BEAUTY PADS.

    CO2LIFT® Mask

    CO2LIFT® Carboxy gel – is a medical grade treatment that utilizes the powerful benefits of Carbon Dioxide to oxygenate the area applied to lift, tighten and regenerate your skin.

    This at-home gel is scientifically-proven to reverse the aging process and restore youthful skin. It can be used on the face, eyes, neck, hands and body. The CO2LIFT® may be applied in our office or, if you are careful, at home. The treatment takes an hour or so to complete and the results last 5-7 days. Although these are safe enough to be used every day, should you wish to, they are perfect to use before an event and should be applied 24-48 hours prior. There are no known risks to CO2LIFT® treatment and there is nothing else like it available.


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