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Cue the sunshine, warm temperatures and days out of the office. Summer is officially upon us! This mid-year mark usually seems to usher in space for all of us to take a break from our typical routines and enjoy a little down time. So whether you’re planning to use this season to lounge by the pool, jet away for a vacation, or just curl up indoors with a book to escape the heat, here are a few ways to make the most of your summer holiday. 



It’s no secret that your skin is really put through the ringer this time of year. While we certainly don’t want to stop any of your fun, just don’t forget to give your skin some extra TLC along the way too! Following these simple steps can help keep your skin in tip-top shape, even in the heat of the summer:


With sticky humidity, sweat, dirt, oil and other impurities constantly invading your skin this season, be sure you’re following a medical grade skin care regimen. If you don’t already have one, let our physician-supervised staff treat and assess your skin according to Dr. Biesman’s recommendations to ensure you’re using optimal products to keep your skin healthy and maintain a youthful appearance. 



It may sound obvious, but we can’t stress the importance of sunscreen enough this time of year! To be clear, you should be wearing a daily SPF year-round and with increased sun exposure in the summer months, this is extremely crucial. Because sunscreen requires daily application, and sometimes even multiple times throughout the day, be sure you’re using a quality product. Also, make sure your sunscreen is both Safe and Effective.  The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a ruling in which nearly two thirds of available sunscreens do not meet FDA standards. Let our professionals help you choose the sunscreen that is best for your skin. 


Your face likely isn’t the only skin people will be seeing this season! If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite without undergoing an elaborate procedure, our practice carries CelluliTx: a breakthrough topical solution for those seeking to combat the appearance of cellulite



With the downtime that’s required for some of our more extensive service offerings, Summer is a great time to consider undergoing surgical procedures. 


Dr. Biesman is a specialist in oculofacial plastic surgery, which means he is an expert in performing surgery of the eyelids and upper face for rejuvenation and reconstruction. Whether your eyes appear aged and tired or you have had eyelid surgery that did not go as well as you had hoped, Dr. Biesman can help you get your best result. Eyelid surgery typically takes between 1- 1.5 hours and involves some down time.


Sagging eyebrows can contribute to the appearance of heavy eyelids. In fact, patients will often come to Dr. Biesman inquiring about eyelid surgery when they actually are in need of a forehead or eyebrow lift. In this procedure, Dr. Biesman uses tiny telescopes, inserted through small incisions hidden behind the hairline, to elevate the eyebrows and eliminate deep forehead or frown lines. Bruising and swelling will vary among patients for this procedure, so it’s good to allow for a couple weeks of down time to recover fully. 

While it will rarely feel convenient to block a couple weeks out of your schedule to recover from a surgical procedure, summer is often a time when more offices are flexible with working remotely,
or when schedules are traditionally more flexible and some choose to take a staycation. Why not recover in a shaded hammock in your back yard or escape the heat with some AC and a good book indoors? 



Many patients are often concerned about receiving skin treatments this time of year due to their increased sun exposure (and rightfully so, because often the two don’t mix!) With that said, we do offer some treatments that are colorblind and work well regardless (two great examples of this are Ultherapy™ and Thermage®). 


Thermage® is a noninvasive, skin-tightening treatment that can be used on the face, neck, eyelids or body. It uses electrical energy to carefully heat the skin in a way that causes collagen to contract and stimulates the production of new collagen, resulting in a tighter, firmer appearance. Following the procedure,your skin may be slightly pink, but patients can resume normal activities immediately.


Ultherapy® is a completely noninvasive treatment that delivers heat to the skin using focused ultrasound to produce tightening and lift sagging skin. Ultherapy exerts its effects deeper beneath the skin’s surface than Thermage and is the only treatment FDA approved for noninvasive lifting of the skin. Ultherapy may be used on the upper face to lift the eyebrows, on the lower face and neck to contour and lift lax skin and on the chest to improve skin quality. Ultherapy treatments are performed in the office and have minimal to no associated downtime.


If you’re interested in Ultherapy, you have great timing! On Tuesday – July 30th, our practice is hosting an Event Day Savings with 20% off of qualifying Ultherapy Treatment Plans. Call to schedule your evaluation from 8:30 – 3:30 

with our Certified Ultherapy Specialist Tammy Holton, RN (Restrictions Apply)


Dr. Biesman and his staff consider a number of factors including treatment goals and expectations when deciding which of these noninvasive skin tightening methods to recommend.  Whichever is best for you, both of these procedures are great to start now, because they require no downtime, so you can still use your summer take that vacation! They do take about six months for the full results to show- which is right around the holidays. 


As subsequent treatments can provide added benefit, we offer package pricing for multiple treatment sessions when performed one month apart.


Regardless of how you plan to spend this season, we’re here to help you take care of yourself and your appearance most efficiently and effectively.. Visit our website or book a consultation with our office to learn more about any procedures you’re interested in. 

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