Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and we are ready to celebrate love in all its forms! In the spirit of the season, we decided to build this month’s blog around the topic of love by sharing some of our most loved procedures here at the practice. While Dr. Biesman performs a wide variety of procedures every day, here is a roundup of the procedures you all love the most, along with the number of years Dr. Biesman has been doing them. 


Dr. Biesman’s Expertise: 28 YEARS

Bilateral Upper and Lower Lid Blepharoplasty and Brow Pexy
Results from the Practice of Brian S. Biesman, M.D.

You read that correctly: Dr. Biesman has 28 years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and upper face (which means he has performed over 10,000 of these procedures!). Blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift surgery, is one of our most popular procedures and results in a more youthful and well-rested look. During this procedure, Dr. Biesman makes small incisions hidden within the eyelid’s natural fold or even inside the lower eyelid to remove or reposition tissue to produce a freshened but natural look. Recovery time for bruising and swelling can take a couple weeks, so this procedure is even more popular during the winter months when people are spending a lot of time indoors! Learn more about Blepharoplasty here.


Dr. Biesman’s Expertise: 26 YEARS


Full Face Laser Skin Resurfacing – Results from the Practice of Brian S. Biesman, M.D.

As soon as this technology became available, Dr. Biesman was involved! Not only does he continue to contribute to the extensive research required to develop new technology and optimize surgical techniques, but he has been performing laser skin resurfacing first hand for 26 years. 


During a laser skin resurfacing procedure, heat is delivered to the skin to create controlled “damage.” In response to this stimulus, the skin undergoes a healing process that results in elimination of discolored, sun-damaged areas, producing fresh, new skin. There are many types of skin resurfacing procedures and Dr. Biesman and his team can help you determine which procedure is best for you.  Learn more about laser skin resurfacing here.


Dr. Biesman’s Expertise: 26 YEARS

Dr. Biesman has injected all available soft tissue fillers in the US (and many only available in other countries as well!), starting initially with collagen back in the early 1990s. He has done extensive research in the development and testing of new products and expanding the application of existing products. Today, Dr. Biesman and Molly Katz, RN use soft tissue fillers to enhance attractiveness and beauty in many ways including replacement of volume lost with the aging process, restoration of facial aesthetic balance and harmony, correction of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles and even for correction of skin quality in the neck, chest, arms, legs, thighs, buttocks and knees.  There are SO many ways that soft tissue fillers can help you look your best!  Learn more about soft tissue fillers here. 

Dr. Biesman’s Expertise: 12 YEARS

6 week post CoolSculpting

Three years prior to the launch of CoolSculpting® in 2009, Dr. Biesman began contributing to the research and development of this technology. Dr. Biesman now has 12 years of clinical experience offering CoolSculpting® to our patients. Our practice was the first in the mid-South to offer this procedure! Dr. Biesman has also performed multiple clinical trials with CoolSculpting® over the years and is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in this procedure.  . 

For those not already familiar, CoolSculpting® is a completely noninvasive, safe and effective way to eliminate unwanted body fat, which will be increasingly popular as we inch closer to bathing suit season! Ideal candidates are within 20-30 pounds of their ideal body weight and have stubborn areas that don’t seem to respond to diet and exercise. This treatment is performed in our office without the need for anesthesia or sedation. Approximately 20% of fat layer thickness is reduced with each treatment.  When performed properly, CoolSculpting is a highly dependable and reliable procedure with extremely high patient satisfaction.  Learn more about CoolSculpting®.

Dr. Biesman’s Expertise: 19 YEARS clinical experience



Dr. Biesman was involved in developing technology, preclinical research and development for non-invasive skin tightening. Collectively, he has over 22 years of experience on this subject (and 19 of those years have been direct clinical experience!) Dr. Biesman participated in the development of both Thermage® and Ultherapy®, two of the most popular non-invasive skin tightening treatments, and has performed several clinical trials with each. He also developed the eyelid treatment tip for the Thermage device to more effectively tighten skin around the eye area (this still represents approximately 20% of treatment tip sales worldwide!)

As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity, contributing to an “older” or “tired” appearance.. Non-invasive skin-tightening is an effective tool to slow those signs of aging. Thermage, one example of non-invasive skin-tightening, is a treatment that carefully and precisely heats the skin, inducing a contouring effect and stimulating your skin’s natural collagen production process. This procedure not only helps you look your best but also plays a preventative role, assisting in maintenance of your appearance as you age. Many of our patients who have been doing regular Thermage treatments for many years look better today than they did 10-15 years ago!  



While Thermage treatment produces skin tightening and contouring, Ultherapy, is the only procedure which is FDA cleared for noninvasive lifting of the skin.  Like Thermage, Ultherapy is performed in the office and is especially helpful in lifting the tissues along the jawline and under the chin.  Maximum results with both Thermage and Ultherapy are realized at approximately 3 months after the procedure.  Thermage and Ultherapy are always popular anytime of the year but February seems like a great excuse to indulge in some self-care!

While these are some of our favorites, there are many more procedures we offer that our patients love as well! Call our practice to schedule a consultation so you can learn more about which ones are right for you. 

We are so thankful for all the love that our patients continually show us, and we hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day– we love you!

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