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While Dr. Biesman takes great pride in all his patients, our practice also values the privacy of everyone who walks through our doors. For this reason (along with HIPAA policies) we don’t share a lot of the incredible transformation stories that Dr. Biesman helps his patients achieve every day. Enter our roster of incredible influencers.

We’ve had the pleasure of treating some of Nashville’s most influential faces throughout the years. Recently, several of them have been sharing these experiences with their online audiences. While this doesn’t cover all the patients we’ve had the pleasure of treating, since these testimonials have already been publicly shared, we thought we’d round up some of their experiences to answer some common questions about the procedures we perform every day.

Furthermore, we want to highlight their stories beyond just the four walls of our practice. Dr. Biesman has built valuable relationships with his patients and strives to champion them in whatever way he can. We believe these individuals are worthy of being celebrated for their success and achievements. It’s our hope that if you’re not already following what they’re up to, you will be by the end of this post!

Under Eye Fillers With Megan Mace (@Meganmace)

Patient of Dr. Brian Biesman showing under eye filler treatment results in Nashville

About Megan

Megan Mace makes up half of the American country/pop girl duo, Megan & Liz. She and her fraternal twin sister, Liz, are both songwriters, and together they have more than 1 million YouTube subscribers and more than 238 million video views on their YouTube channel. We love following along not only with their music, but their lives through the lens of their blog and videos.

Her Procedure

Megan felt that she was hollow under her eyes and wanted to find a way to minimize her dark circles for a more youthful appearance. Dr. Biesman corrected this using injectable filler to first add volume to her cheeks, and then to fill in the under-eye area in order to have a nice, smooth transition from one area to the next. The result? “The under-eye fillers Dr. Biesman performed were SO PERFECT; I’M SO HAPPY! It’s the weirdest thing to have your biggest self-confidence issue be gone. Life changer.”

To learn more about injectable fillers, view our injectable fillers page for more information or schedule a consultation to visit our office.

Coolsculpting with Mallory Ervin (@malloryervin)

Patient of Dr. Brian Biesman receiving CoolSculpting treatment in Nashville

About Mallory

Mallory is a successful lifestyle and beauty blogger, as well as a former competitor in both the Miss America pageant and The Amazing Race. Additionally, she’s become a friend and patient of Dr. Biesman. Mallory chronicles her everyday life and inspires her readers through a variety of lenses and her zest for life is simply contagious!

Her Procedure

Even after following a disciplined food and fitness regimen, Mallory wanted to lose those last pockets of stubborn fat. She came to us to try CoolSculpting: a noninvasive body contouring system designed to reduce fat layer thickness in a safe, effective way with no anesthesia, sedation or injections. Her results were truly incredible; or, as she put it: “Is this real life!? I’ve truly never been happier about a treatment, and I can’t get over how effective it was at removing that last bit of stubborn fat.”

CoolSculpting before and after of abdomen for actual Nashville patient

Dr. Brian Biesman and his CoolSculpting patients in Nashville

Additional Procedure with Brooke Webb (@kbstyled)

We also recently did CoolSculpting on Brooke Webb, the founder of KBStyled. As a mom of two, Brooke told us she never seemed to be able to get rid of some stubborn belly fat even though she followed a healthy eating and exercise plan. She recently visited our office for a consultation with Tammy to confirm she was a great candidate for CoolSculpting. We treated her lower abdomen, flanks, love handles and inner thighs. Brooke will begin to see results in as little as six weeks, with full results showing around 12 weeks, but her thoughts so far? “My overall first experience with CoolSculpting at Dr. Biesman’s office was amazing, and I am beyond thrilled that I made the decision to move forward with it. I recommend this treatment to anyone who is looking to sculpt their problem areas in order to enhance their figure. I’ve been very pleased with my personal results up to this point!” We are looking forward to sharing more about Brooke’s CoolSculpting transformation in the coming weeks!

To learn more about CoolSculpting, view our CoolSculpting page for more information or schedule a consultation.

Botox with Melissa Schleicher (@melissaschleicher)

Picture of a patient of Dr. Brian Biesman's, for Botox, Nashville.

About Melissa

Melissa Schleicher is the owner of one of Nashville’s most prestigious salons, Parlour 3. She is also one of Nashville’s most sought-after hair and makeup artists with a clientele including the likes of Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Lee Ann Womack, Olivia Newton John, Lisa Marie Presley and more. We love following her life around Nashville (and around the world as she travels with clients)!

Her Procedure

Melissa has been a patient and friend of Dr. Biesman for years and receives injectables to restore and maintain her youthful appearance. “I just turned 45, and Dr. Biesman uses tasteful amounts of Botox and filler on me…he’s a magician!” Botox is injected into the skin to relax specific muscles or muscle groups, while fillers rejuvenate the face by replacing lost volume to specific facial structures, thus reestablishing youthful contours and balance. These are two of the most common aesthetic procedures we offer in the office.

To learn more about injectables, view our injectable fillers page for more information or schedule a consultation.

Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation with Jenny Reimold (@jennyreimold)

Non Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Patient of Dr. Biesman in Nashville with her daughter

About Jenny

Jenny is the mother of seven children, the wife of a retired Major League Baseball player and a contributing writer for HGTV. She shares everything from her family adventures to helpful design, beauty and lifestyle content for her readers.

Her Procedure

Jenny recently wrote about her experiences at our practice using a variety of treatments including botox, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, fillers and lasers. Most recently, she highlighted her experience using Thermage, a non-surgical skin-tightening procedure that uses radio frequency technology to heat the deeper, collagen-rich layers of the skin. Following the treatment, there were immediate results in her neck and the most noticeable results will follow gradually in two to six months. We’re thrilled to have her as a patient and to see her final results!

Dr. Biesman performing non-surgical skin rejuvenation on a patient in Nashville


Our Influencer NetworkPatients of Dr. Brian Biesman, Nashville, TN

For two years now, we’ve invited some of the influencers in our network to our office for an evening of community, conversation, cocktails and some educational insight into the services our practice offers. This year’s event, hosted by Mallory Ervin and Jesssouthern, was another great success. We’re thankful to work with so many incredible entrepreneurs who are shaping the community and world around them.

Dr. Brian Biesman and patients of his practice in Nashville, TN

If you have questions about any of the services mentioned above, or any others that we offer, visit our services page on our website for more information or schedule a consultation to learn more.

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