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Thanksgiving is this week, which means the holiday season is officially upon us! We all know this season is going to look different compared to years past. Usually we’d be rushing to parties and events, planning trips to visit family and managing all sorts of seasonal chaos. This year? Well, you don’t really need us to explain the differences… 

Even though 2020 has brought plenty of challenges, we believe the spirit of this season has never been more important. Gratitude is a beautiful reminder of all that is good in a world that can often feel dark.  Even when we’re faced with insurmountable difficulties, we’re given incredible perspective when we can shift our focus to the things in our lives we can be grateful for. 

We came together as a team to reflect on some of the things we’re most grateful for this year, both big and small: 


“I am thankful for my family and that, so far, they have all remained healthy through the pandemic. I am thankful for our amazing and dedicated team who has helped us navigate some incredibly challenging times this year. I am thankful for our loyal and supportive patients who trust us, believe in us and continue to support us.” – Dr. Biesman

“I’m grateful that my parents and family are healthy. I’m thankful for a new niece and nephew in the family. And I’m thankful for my work family, we keep each other (mostly) sane!” -Cara, Clinical Nurse

“I am thankful for my cat, Mavis and dog, Hayes.” Mary, Clinical Nurse

“In this crazy year of 2020, I have never been so thankful for so many things. I will always be MOST thankful for my family! My boys, Kelton & Kolby, will turn 16 in a few days. I am secretly thankful that they will soon drive themselves to baseball/karate/ “all the things!” I’m thankful for a great work family and the opportunity to do something I love with an amazing group of people every day. I am thankful for Botox (so the stress of 2020 doesn’t show on my face)!  Also, I can’t forget to mention… online shopping and Alabama football! Roll Tide!” –Amanda, Practice
Research Coordinator

“I am grateful for our resilient healthcare workers all around the world. I am grateful for the courageousness of Justice RBG. And I am grateful for the collaboration between SpaceX and NASA so that we finally have Americans back in space!” –Isabella, Front Office Administration



While these are just a few examples of our collective gratitude, we really wanted to use this month’s post to say how thankful we are for all of you. Your support during this turbulent year has meant the world to us. For those who have reached out personally to check on us, to those who have brought their kindness back into our practice (even if your smiles were behind a mask, we could feel them!) we say thank you. We couldn’t have gotten through 2020 without all of you! As a small token of our appreciation, we’re pleased to offer our patients 10% off gift certificates purchased at our practice between November 23rd and December 24th to apply towards future Aesthetic Services. Learn more about our gift certificates HERE

These certificates can help you save a significant amount, especially on larger procedures including: 



As we age, excess tissue in the eyelid area makes the eyes appear aged and tired. One of Dr. Biesman’s specialties is eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty) which can help make the eyes appear more youthful overall.  During this procedure, Dr. Biesman removes or repositions sagging tissues to create a bright, more “awake” look. Between all the time we are spending at home and the savings from our gift certificates, there has never been a better time to take advantage of eyelid surgery!

* Please note, Gift Certificates do not apply towards Facility for Anesthesiologist fees.


FaceTite and AccuTite are minimally invasive procedures used to tighten and contour the lower eyelid, jawline, neck and facial tissue. During the procedure, Dr. Biesman uses this novel radio frequency device to reduce fat and tighten skin in the targeted areas, providing an alternative to invasive surgery. The FaceTite and AccuTite procedures are performed in the office without the need for general anesthesia or even deep sedation. Schedule a consultation today to learn if you are a candidate for this potentially transformative treatment and save 10% by purchasing a gift certificate in advance!



This time of year tempts all of us to indulge more than we typically do in the eating department, but 2020 has exacerbated this for many of us. Even when healthy eating and regularly exercising, it’s very common to still struggle with stubborn areas of fat. CoolSculpting® is a major breakthrough in noninvasive body contouring that reduces fat layer thickness safely and effectively without anesthesia, sedation or injections. This treatment yields optimal results with multiple sessions, so purchasing a gift certificate this season will allow you to extend your 10% discount throughout the year ahead.  



See all of our available procedures HERE

Whether you want to give these as a gift to people you love, or you’re trying to save money on future treatments for yourself, we hope this annual offering makes your season a bit brighter. Either way, we hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this week. Cheers to all that is good now and all the goodness to come!

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