Prepare for Valentines day at Dr. Brian Biesmans plastic surgery in Nashville TN

As we approach the season of Valentine’s Day, we felt compelled to divulge on the topic of self love. You see, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures in general often have a bit of a negative connotation, but we think it’s time those stigmas are unpacked a little. Research shows that when people feel good about the way that they look, they are often more willing to try new things, take risks and take charge of their lives in new ways.

The goal at our practice is never to change who our patients are. On the contrary, our hope is that we can equip you to feel like the most authentic version of your very best self. Similar to how we style our hair, whiten our teeth or put thought into an outfit that we wear, many of the minor enhancements we offer are intended simply to help our patients put their “best face forward.” So whether you talk to a member of our staff, one of our patients or to Dr. Biesman himself, you’ll hear a resounding unity supporting this sentiment. In fact, we asked a few patients and staff members to share what “self love” means to them.

“To me, self love is allowing yourself grace. It is acknowledging your weaknesses and embracing them along with your strengths. Self love is determining and then working towards what makes you the best version of yourself. With self love you need self care (AKA… treat yo-self)!”
Lauren, RN – Clinical Nurse

“Our practice provides a safe and caring space to help patients look and feel their best. Our job is not to judge, but to educate our patients so they can make the most informed decisions to get optimal outcomes. It’s so rewarding to help a patients address a concern so they can leave our office feeling more confident in their everyday lives.”
Cara, RN, FNP – Clinical Nurse

Clinical Nurses at Dr. Brian Beismans practice in Nashville TN

“Accepting the way our faces and bodies look as we age is a struggle that many moms face. While I smile at the memories that caused my laugh lines and I’m proud of the babies that caused my abdominal skin to droop, it doesn’t make my sagging skin more appealing to me. Understanding that my skin and body change as I age isn’t an excuse to give up, it is motivation to preserve the skin I have now. In just a few visits with Dr. Biesman, I have corrected a few minor things through non-surgical techniques that greatly improved the overall appearance of my skin. Injectables helped to correct the loss of elasticity in my jawline while Botox helped with my crow’s feet. The heated Thermage procedure assisted to tighten the skin around my jawline and neck which seemed to age and fall prematurely. Dr. Biesman’s conservative techniques really helped me to feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin. While I can’t recapture what I once was, I am determined to work graciously with what I have now!”
Jenny Reimold @jennyreimold – Patient

Valentines day at Dr. Brian Biesmans practice in Nashville TN

“Self love means the freedom to take care of yourself! Whether it’s exercising, visiting Dr. Biesman, eating better, getting your nails done… or anything else that makes you look and feel your best. For me, practicing this has been a total game changer. Additionally, positive self talk is a big one for me. I have many mantras and phrases that I repeat to myself daily that help me practice self love. But at the end of the day, it’s about realizing your potential and working on bringing that to life – because you are worth it!”
Mallory Ervin @malloryervin – Patient

Valentines day at Dr. Brian Biesmans practice in Nashville TN

However you choose to practice self love this season, we’re in full support of it! And if you need some inspiration, here are six simple ways we suggest giving yourself a little TLC this month:

Moving your body and breathing in the fresh air is a great way to feel alive (especially if the sun is shining). Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

In today’s world, we tend to default to time-saving tactics, which means simple luxuries like a bubble bath are often overlooked. Put on some relaxing music and let yourself have a good soak.

Looking to rid any “extra steps” in your self-care routine? You might consider booking laser hair removal this season to finally rid unwanted hair once and for all. Contact our office to learn more.  

We often romanticize the idea of learning a new language or mastering a new skill like sewing. So why not finally invest in yourself and your goals by signing up for a class? USN is offering a variety of classes this winter, including everything from cooking to watercolor landscape painting.

Your skin is your largest organ, so why not do something to say “thanks” for all it does for you? Contact our practice to learn more about booking a service like a chemical peel, non-invasive skin tightening or a laser skin treatment.

Not only is it nice to get lost in a story, but there’s something wonderful about the stillness that accompanies reading. Cozy up and soak in that tranquility!

Dr. Brian Biesman Oculoplastic surgeon Nashville, TN

We realize that self love isn’t a “one size fits all” practice. Everyone is going to have a different approach to being their best self and doing what makes them feel more fulfilled. Whatever that looks like for you, we support you exactly where you are. If we can ever help you achieve any of your personal development goals, know that we’re always here to help.

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