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Many of us remember all too well what it was like to battle acne in our teen years, or even into adulthood. Too add insult to injury, many people who suffer from acne are left with visible scarring that can range from mild to severe.  Acne scarring is permanent and is associated with proven and profound psychological implications.  Affected individuals commonly feel low self-esteem and struggle with self-confidence throughout their lives. 

Treatment of acne scarring has proven challenging for many patients and physicians.  Dr. Biesman has had a special interest in the treatment of acne scarring for over 25 years.  He and his team use this experience to develop a results-driven acne scarring treatment plan for each patient whether they are seeking acne scar treatment in Nashville, TN or travel from long distances for their care.


What are the Best Options for Acne Scarring Treatment?

The best way to determine how to treat your acne scarring is to join Dr. Biesman for a one-on-one consultation. After evaluating your skin and talking with you about your expectations and goals, Dr. Biesman will recommend acne scarring treatment options that are right for you. Keep in mind, acne scarring treatment is a marathon, not a sprint; most patients will require a series of treatments to achieve best outcomes.

Here are some examples of the clinical modalities we offer for the reduction of acne scarring.  For any given patient, a combination of these techniques is typically necessary as there are numerous types of acne scars, each of which can require unique treatment for best response.


Subcision Treatment

One way to address acne scarring is through a method known as subcision.  Subcision is a procedure that releases depressed acne scars, allowing them to become more level. This procedure is the foundation of many acne scarring treatment plans as it can improve the appearance of rolling and “boxcar” scars, two of the most common types of acne scars.

Dr. Biesman uses a subcision technique that he has developed and fine-tuned.  He is one of the few practitioners in the country to offer this procedure and many patients who have undergone numerous previous treatments say that this is the only method that really gives them results.

This is a treatment that we offer right here in our office.  Local anesthetic (numbing injections) is used for comfort but IV sedation or general anesthesia are not required.  A blunt cannula is used to release the scar from the underlying deeper tissues holding the scars down, allowing the skin to become smoother. In some cases, we may also recommend the use of dermal or injectable fillers or even radiofrequency microneedling to further smooth out the skin and reduce the visibility of the scar.

To find out more, reach out to our practice and set up a consultation or visit our acne scar treatment before and after gallery.


Surgical excision of Acne Scars

Some acne scars are deep and narrow; we often call these “ice pick” scars, and they tend to be unresponsive to treatment with lasers and other technology-based treatments.  As a result, we may recommend surgically removing these scars.

The process of acne scar excision is less intimidating than it might sound. In fact, the procedure takes place here in our office, and we can do it without the need for sedation. Local anesthesia is sufficient to keep you completely comfortable while Dr. Biesman excises your acne scars.

As each scar is removed, a suture is used to help heal the skin. Those deep ice pick scars turn into smoother, shallower scars, which may later be treated through non-surgical means.

Note that the ice pick scars are usually found on the cheeks or temples. In other words, they can be fairly prominent, and having them removed can make a world of difference for your appearance as well as give you a boost of confidence.  Surgical removal of ice pick scars is often performed at the same time as subcision or other acne scars or treatments.

Please reach out to our office for more information about treatment of acne scarring.


Laser Treatments for Acne Scarring Acne Scar Treatment Nashville


Lasers often play an extremely important role in acne scarring treatment.  Many different laser technologies are available.  The device chosen will depend on the nature of the skin and the acne scars.  Treatment of acne scarring can help return your skin to a smooth, even complexion.

Most laser treatments used for the treatment of acne scarring can be performed in the office.  A series of treatments is usually recommended to obtain ideal outcomes.

Dr. Biesman provides a full range of laser treatments and recommends a acne scarring treatment plan customized to meet each patient’s needs.  In many cases, more than one laser may be needed to achieve results.  Dr. Biesman and his team will answer your questions provide all the information you need in advance of your laser treatment.


Radiofrequency Microneedling for Acne Scars

Radiofrequency microneedling is another useful tool in the treatment of some acne scars.  Radiofrequency microneedling with the Morpheus 8 device is often performed at the same time as subcision or laser treatment.  Morpheus 8 radiofrequency microneedling treatments can be performed with topical anesthesia.  As is typical of all acne scarring treatments, multiple treatment sessions are typically required to achieve the best outcomes.


Treating Acne Scarring with Injectable Fillers

Soft tissue fillers can also play an important role in the treatment of acne scarring.  Fillers are be applied under depressed scars, bringing them to the same level as the rest of the skin.  In select cases, fillers are also used during the subcision process, to promote better outcomes.  When treating depressed scars, Dr. Biesman may use Restylane® or Bellafill®, the only FDA-approved filler indicated for the treatment of acne scarring. Dr. Biesman was part of the clinical trial which demonstrated that Bellafill is a safe and effective treatment for acne scarring. 

Dr. Biesman and his team will let you know if soft tissue fillers can play a role in helping you achieve your best results.

Learn More About Treatment for Acne Scarring

Acne scarring can have devastating effects on those who are affected by them. Thankfully, it is now possible to achieve significant improvement in the appearance of acne scarring and help restore self-confidence. The best candidates for treatment understand that this is a process and that it may take a year or more to get the desired results.

As you consider your options for acne scar treatment, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Biesman. He will be happy to talk with you about acne scar solutions that are right for you.


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